Book Talk- A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir (An Ember in the Ashes Book #2)


Oh my god guys. I am emotionally destroyed. I am completely wrecked by this book. And it was AMAZING. I don’t want to get into much before the read more because spoilers, and so my thoughts are going to be all over the place with no coherent order here, so let’s just get started!


So first off, starting with something that actually happened pretty late in the book…BLEEPING KEENAN. Oh my god, I had absolutely no idea that was coming and it DESTROYED ME. Like I know that a lot of people said there was something kind of off about him but I just figured he was a sort of suborn or standoffish, not the freaking Nightbringer and Holy crap, Laia slept with the Nightbringer. With that said though, it was a really good plot twist, even if it did completely kill me.

Everything with the armlet was really interesting as well. It added this new element of magic to the story, especially alongside Laia having new magical abilities, and I’m really interested to see where this goes in the next book.

Now on another note entirely…IZZI DID NOT FREAKING DESERVE THAT. Oh my god, so I think around last year when I read the first book I said that I loved her character but I was worried that if she was in the next book something bad would happen to her AND IT DID. AND I CRIED SO MUCH WHEN SHE DIED. SHE HONESTLY DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER.


On a somewhat brighter note, I was so relieved that Tas didn’t die. They introduce this character, and I am immediately so worried, because I have this huge problem with getting attatched to younger innocent honorary-younger-sibling type characters, and they always tend to die to motivate the main character but then he survived the book and oh god I was so relieved. There had better not be a repeat of the whole Izzi situation here, because I will not be able to handle that.

The soul catcher was weird but I liked her? It was this really interesting take on the whole grim reaper/ death figure idea, and I really liked her whole dynamic with Elias.On the other hand though WHEN ELIAS BECAME THE SOUL CATCHER. HOLY CRAP. I have no idea where this is going to go, but it stabbed me in the heart so hard and holy frick this book was an emotional roller coaster. We get to that part when Elias was in Kauf and the Soul Catcher is all like “welcome” and I was SCREAMING.


Ok, changing the subject entirely, we need to talk about Helene. Oh my god, there are no words for how much I love this character. I was so excited to read from her point of few but then everything was so messed up and god JUST LET HELENE BE HAPPY. Like I didn’t think we could match the third trial in sheer messed up-ness, but then we get a scene where Marcus murders Helene’s family right in front of her and oh my god poor Livia has to marry the man who just killed most of her family in cold blood this is so effed up and LEAVE HELENE ALONE. I really kind of want to see Helene and Livia kill Marcus now (maybe with Helene becoming empress, because that would be great)

I also feel like we’re leading to some sort of possibly romantic relationship between Helene and Harper, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I mean, I liked him more than I thought I would, and they did have a really interesting dynamic, but he also tortured her at the start of the book, and I know it was under orders and all but that’s still kind of offputting? I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. Honestly if I ship anyone here it’s 100% Helene and happiness. And Elaia but definitely Helene and happiness more.

We also got a lot of really interesting new characters. Mamie Rila was great (she and Afya were both amazing characters we got to see a lot more of), and it was cool to see her relationship with Elias. The Warden, on the other hand was so insanely creepy and I am so relieved that he is dead. I’m also really  looking forward to getting to know Darin’s character in the next book, so we’ll see how that goes.

So overall, even though it did completely destroy me, A Torch Against The Night was an amazing sequel, and a great book on it’s own. And I need the next book as soon as possible!

Well that’s about it for now. See you next time and thanks for reading!


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