Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2016

Hello everyone! It’s time for August’s monthly wrap-up. I had a lot of time to read this month (more than I’m probably going to have for a while since school is starting up), so I was able to finish seven books this month. Lets get started!

626F6F78747265616D=7474747474727576707<7473The first book I finished this month was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. I actually have a book talk for this play here if you want to read more of my thoughts, but I think I did overall enjoy it. There’s a lot of division regarding people’s thoughts on this book, and while I wouldn’t say it was as good as the original series, and it did have some issues, it was really fun to read!

23299512Next up we have This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. I know I say this at least once a month, but this has to be one of my favorite books this year. Seriously, I blew through the entire thing in less than three days. The story was so unique, the writing was amazing, and I got so intensely emotionally invested in both of the main characters. I don’t really know exactly what, but it felt like there was something really unique about this book, and it’s definitely one I’d recommend.

23589243The third book I finished in August was Holding Court by K.C Held. I will say that some of the plot elements of this book were a little cliché (especially with the romance aspects), but overall the premise was really fun. The main character’s psychic abilities were actually pretty unique, the setting itself was also something I really haven’t seen before, and the murder mystery aspect was intriguing through the whole book. This is a good book if you’re looking for a cute light read.

27190613Next up is And I Darken by Kiersten White. This book is actually really different than anything I’ve read in a long time. We get to see the main characters grow from childhood into young adults, and I found that really interesting, especially since I really liked both of the characters (for entirely different reasons). The historical aspect was really intriguing as well, especially since I learned a lot about a time period I knew very little about before. I will warn you that the book can get a little slow, but once it picks up it’s definitely worth the read!

17838528The fifth book I finished this month was The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I read Since You’ve Been Gone last Summer, and absolutely loved it, and this book reminded me of it in all of the best ways, all while being a completely unique story! All of the characters were well developed (Morgan Matson writes friend relationships so well, and the romance was completely adorable) and the whole book was this great mix of hilarious and emotional. Morgan Matson has to be among my favorite contemporary authors, and I need to read more of her books as soon as possible.

25486998Next we have another contemporary: P.S I Like You by Kasie West. I think the best word to describe this book is “cute”, because while I could call exactly what was going to happen, but it was also done really well! The whole story  actually reminded me a lot of the musical She Loves Me, if any of you are familiar with that, and I did really like the way the character relationships (romantic and familial) were written. Again, if you’re looking for a cute, light read, this is a good one to pick up.

27161189Finally, we have the last book I read in August: United as One by Pitticus Lore. This is the seventh and final book in the Lorien Legacies series (which I have been reading since my freshman year of high school, a long time given I’m a junior in college now), so I don’t want to say much because spoilers, but I do think it was a solid end to the series. I will also say that I think I liked it a lot more than the last few books in the series, and that it was overall really intense, fast paced, and a good conclusion to the series!

Well that’s about it for August’s wrap up! My favorite this month was probably This Savage Song, followed closely by The Unexpected Everything and And I Darken!  See you next time and thanks for reading!


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