Book Talk- The Crown by Kiera Cass (The Selection #5)


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but The Selection series has to be one of my all time guilty pleasures. I know a lot of people on the internet aren’t huge fans of the series, but I have loved every book, and was so hyped to see how the series (or should I say the second part of the series) would end! And I do think that The Crown was a solid conclusion to the series! With that said, since I read this book so ridiculously long ago, I’m just going to list a few of my thoughts.


  • This book went by really fast, but I still really liked it. I feel like everything was resolved pretty quickly and easily, but it was still a nice light read, had some great romance, and was overall a good ending to the series.
  • I could kind of see who Eadlyn was going to end up with in the end coming, but I still found myself shipping it. I am trash for any well done forbidden love- type story and the main character falling for the one guy who wasn’t a selected definitely fell in that category. With that said, it is a good thing Eadlyn has such good parents, because I can imagine this situation going in a completely different direction if it happened while someone like Maxon’s father was on the throne.
  • I did like the romance between Eadlyn and Eikko, but I do wish we had more time to see it develop. With that said, I think the relationship was well written given the length of the book, and that it was overall believable.
  • Henri is a precious cinnamon roll who must be protected at all times. That is all.
  • I want the love story between Hale and Ean. Give me a novella or something. I need to know the full story behind this”We’re contestants on the royalty bachelorette and oops we fell in love with each other” situation, because I feel like it would be such a good story.
  • I also kind of want an epilogue set a little while into Eadlyn’s reign, just to see how things are going. There’s really a lot of potential opportunities for novellas here.

That’s about it for my thoughts on The Crown! See you next time and thanks for reading!

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