Greek Mythology Book Tag!

Hello everyone! Time for another book tag! I have always been a huge Greek Mythology nerd, so even though I wasn’t technically tagged by anyone I knew I had to fill this out when I first saw it over at My Tiny Obsessions! This tag was originally created by Flip That Page and I had a great time coming up with answers!

Zeus (Jupiter): God of the Sky and Thunder / King of the Gods

Favorite book (choose your own category!)


This is a question that I am never able to answer! There are so many books I could use for this, but I think I’ll go with my current favorites Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. There are honestly so many things to love about these book (I honestly can’t choose which one is my absolute favorite!)

Poseidon (Neptune): God of the Seas and Earthquakes

Book that drowned you in feels


Again, there are so many books I could use for this! Stuff like The Serpent King and Mockingjay come to mind, but I think I’m going to say Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, because that book completely destroyed me.

Hades (Pluto): God of the Underworld

Favorite book with a dark / ominous plot


I think I’m going to say “The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. This book is so well written, but it is also insanely dark. I’m currently reading the third book in the series, and I think I’m probably going to need to read something light and cute afterwards!


Hera (Juno): Goddess of Marriage and Family

Cutest fictional couple


I know I already used this book, but I have to go with Simon Snow and Baz Pitch from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell! Everything about this paring is absolutely beautiful and adorable and I will never shut up about how much I love it!

Athena (Minerva): Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft and Strategic Warfare

Series with the best world-building


The world building in “An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir is so good! You can visualize everything about this world so well! (even though it’s pretty messed up.)

Aphrodite (Venus): Goddess of Love and Beauty

Most beautiful cover on a 2016 release


Have I ever mentioned how much I love the cover of Passenger by Alexandra Bracken? Because I do. So much.

Ares (Mars): God of War and Bloodshed

Most violent book you’ve ever read


I was going to say The Hunger Games, but I think I’m going to go with Light by Michael Grant. It’s a great book, but it’s also has probably the highest major character body count I have ever read (pretty much everyone you love dies horribly, but I do highly recommend the series.)

Hephaestus (Vulcan): God of Blacksmiths and Fire

Scorching hot swoon worthy character


I’m going to go with Rowan  from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas!

Artemis (Diana): Goddess of the Hunt and Virginity

 Favorite Kick-Ass Heroine


I know I just used this series, but I have to go with Celaena  from Throne of Glass! She’s such a great, well developed character and I absolutely love the series!

Phoebus Apollo (Apollo): God of Light and Healing

Sequel book that redeemed its series


I can’t really think of a book that “redeemed its series”, but a sequel I definitely loved was Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken. I absolutely loved the first book in The Darkest Minds series, and the second book expanded on the series so well (and added some characters that I love!)

Hermes (Mercury): Messenger God of Thieves and Commerce

Book with the best message


Going with The Fault In Our Stars by John Green!

Hestia (Vesta): Goddess of the Hearth and Home

Book with the most relatable story


Definitely Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I don’t think I have ever related to a book more!

Demeter (Ceres): Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture

Favorite bookish setting


I’m going to go 100% cliché here and say Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter!

Dionysus (Bacchus): God of Wine and Celebration

2016 release you are most anticipating


There are so many, most notably Empire of Storms, Gemina, A Torch Against the Night, and the one I think I am the most hyped about: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I need to know what happens!

Well that’s about it for the Greek Mythology Book Tag! See you next time and thanks for reading!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! You’re going to love Six of Crows! It’s an amazing book! And I need to know what happens in Torch Against The Night as soon as possible! The hype could not be more real! Thanks again for the comment, I’m so glad you liked the post!

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