Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2016

Hey everyone! To start off, I should probably say that that there will probably be long stretches of time between my posts for a while. I have returned to the time-vortex known as “college”, and once classes pick up, I probably won’t have as much time for reading and writing about stuff that isn’t for school. But I did get a lot of reading done last month since I was on break! I was able to read six books in January, (and start one more), so let’s get to it!



The first book I finished this year was actually a carry- over from December: “Scarlet” by Marissa Meyer. “Scarlet” is the second book in the “Lunar Chronicles” series, which is a science fiction series based on fairy tales, and also quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite series. I won’t say much about it, as it is a series continuation and I don’t want to get spoilery, but just know that this whole series is super amazing, and that it gets better with every book! If you want to know more about it, I have a book talk here.




The second book I read in January was the third book in the “Lunar Chronicles”: “Cress” by Marissa Meyer. Oh my god, this book was so. Bleeping. Good. Again, I don’t want to say much for risk of spoilers, but just know that I absolutely loved the characters, the story, absolutely everything about this book. It’s probably my favorite that I read this month, and my favorite in the series so far. I also have a book talk for this one here if you want to hear more of my thoughts on this wonderfully amazing book.




Next up we have something that I totally should have read by now: “The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancy. Now normally I don’t start a new book while I’m in the middle of a series, but I was going on a trip to New York to go to a Broadway convention at the end of Winter break, so I wanted to save “Winter” for the trip, and since the movie of “The 5th Wave was coming out I figured it was the perfect time to finally read it! And I really liked it! The characters were really developed and well written, and I was able to stay really invested through, even to the point of being kind of stressed out about what was happening, because this book was seriously dark, but so worth the read. I’ve heard mixed things about the second book, but I definitely plan to read it, and hopefully I’ll have a full book talk up relatively soon!



The next book I read in January was “Da Vinci’s Tiger” by L.M Elliott. This is a historical novel set during the Italian Renaissance following a woman who was the platonic muse of an artist and was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it just kind of follows her life in relation to her role in renaissance society and within the world of art at the time. To be honest it did take me a while to get into this book, probably since it’s been a while since I read any historical novels without some sort of fantasy aspect, but it was really interesting overall. I could tell that it was really historically accurate, and I learned some really cool stuff about renaissance artists! If you like historical stuff, there’s a very solid chance you’ll like this book.


23395680Next is another book I got for Christmas: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This book is so ridiculously cool. It’s about these two characters who break up right before their planet is attacked, and they end up on different evacuation spaceships, so the book follows them as they communicate with each other and things start going wrong on each ship…it’s really hard to describe, but it is honestly an amazing book. The really cool thing is that instead of being a traditional narrative, the story is told through stuff like text messages, reports, diagrams, etc. so it’s really cool visually on top of being a great story. This book looks really long, but I blew through it in a couple of days, and let me tell you, it was intense. I literally had to stop reading a couple of times to freak out, which if you ask me, is a sign of a really good book.



The last full book I read this past month was “Worlds of Ink and Shadow” by Lena Coakley. This book is super hard to describe, but I think it’s one of the best stand-alones I’ve read in a really long time. It’s sort of a fantasy story about the Bronte siblings (as in the authors of “Jane Eyre” and “Wuthering Heights”) when they were teenagers writing their first stories, and they have this sort of magic where whenever they write they can enter the world of their story and control what happens while experiencing their world, but then stuff starts going wrong, and I know it sounds really weird, but trust me, it was so good. There was this really unique fantasy element that I haven’t really seen before, and this great dynamic between the characters, and the author had this really clever way of incorporating history, it was just all around this really interesting and super atmospheric book that I 100% recommend!



Finally, we have a book that I started in January, but have not yet finished: “Winter” by Marissa Meyer. This is the fourth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles series, and like I said, I had planned to save it for a trip since it was so long, but then I entirely overestimated the amount of time I’d have to read at Broadway Con, so as of now I’m about halfway through the book, and I’m really liking it so far! Hopefully I’ll finish it soon and eventually post a full book talk!



I actually really liked everything I read this month, like everything was actually really good! I think “Cress” was probably my favorite book from January, followed closely by “Worlds of Ink and Shadow” and “Illuminae”. Well that’s about it for this month’s wrap-up, thanks for reading!






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